DC Green PartyIt’s time to give your trust to the second party in the District of Columbia — the DC Statehood Greens. After squashing the third party (that is, the GOP Republicans) during the 2006 and 2008 election cycles, and after almost doubling the Republican vote totals, the DC Statehood Green Party is determined to win major victories in 2010.

A Fair Tax and Revenue Plan for the District

Committee on Human Services Testimony

DC Statehood Green Party

Ten Key Values of the Green Party

DC Statehood Papers

2008 DC Statehood Green Candidates

Joyce Robinson Paul, for US Representative

David Schwartzman, for Council, At-Large – or Visit David Schwartzman

Louise Thundercloud, for Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives

Keith Ware, for US Senator

Cynthia McKinney, for President of the United States

Rosa Clemente, for Vice President of the United States

Dr. Jared Ball for President – Upset The Setup – Statement for Candidacy

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EMPOWER DC – The mission of Empower DC is to enhance, improve and promote the self-advocacy of low and moderate income DC residents in order to bring about sustained improvements in their quality of life.

Time Dollar Youth Court (TDYC) – provides alternative sentencing to first-time juvenile offenders in the District of Columbia and serves as a unique pre-petition diversion program for non-violent offenders. The goal of TDYC is to divert first-time youthful offenders, ages 13–17, away from the juvenile justice system and provide a meaningful alternative to the traditional adjudicatory format in juvenile cases.

The Koi Group – Building Cultural Capital – how can you love your neighbor when you don’t know them.

Elevate The Soul Online Radio – (Topics include forms of capital: social, political, human, financial, environmental, cultural, political)

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