If you are elected to the position of Delegate to the House of Representatives, how will you meet the daunting challenge of achieving first class citizenship for DC residents?

Explain why and how you will:

(a)   Continue the pattern set by the incumbent of addressing the issues of voting representation in Congress, budget and legislative autonomy, and Congressional limits on the revenue that can be raised by the District through separate pieces of legislation;

(b)  Pursue statehood which will address all the issues in (a), but which will require an enormous, sustained effort;

(c)   Or pursue yet another way or ways to achieve first class citizenship for DC residents?

As DC Delegate I will work with representatives on both sides of the aisle, developing strategies to inform citizens of other states to build support for Statehood and give meaning to the phrase “taxation without representation.”  While addressing the challenge of our disenfranchisement in the Nation’s Capital, where 600,000+ citizens pay the same or more taxes than other fellow citizens I will also address the issues of budget and legislative autonomy, and Congressional oversight and interference in the District’s resources.

As delegate, I will work with the Council, ANCs and unemployed residents and their supporters on strategies to put real teeth into the First Source Agreement to secure more local employment with a program that no longer denies ex-offenders the opportunity to work, emphasizing Jobs Not Jails.  I will reopen and continue the Health Care debate and support reopening a full-service public hospital modeled on Cook County in Chicago.  I want to represent ALL Washingtonians with an emphasis on serving “the least of these,” recognizing that when we meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us we are stronger as a city and a nation.  Poor people need income, jobs, education, training and child care, therefore recreating our tattered safety net. I will work with fellow Representatives to make the basic minimum wage a living wage and welfare benefits equivalent to state basic living standards. Poverty – not Al Quaeda – remains the greatest threat to our national security.

I will work very hard for legislation that will create a moratorium on foreclosures and predatory lending; and work diligently to claim badly needed funds and change national priorities that presently sends more money, mothers, fathers, siblings, sons and daughters overseas for war than fighting the battles here at home against unemployment, homelessness, hunger, lack of health care and ignorance.  Self-determination now!