Brief From Rick:

Select #2 on your ballot for the Primary in September 2010.

The most important issue is Statehood, which affects public policy as it relates to jobs, housing, health care, education, community safety, and economic development.  The present delegate has failed miserably in addressing these issues.  The treatment of Statehood has been just short of a mockery, burdened with diversionary compromises such as giving others states more democracy while simultaneously limiting our demand for full statehood to a single vote in Congress that can be taken away even easier than the struggle of some to get it.  To be ruled by Committee and have a 30-day approval for all laws passed by our Council is an affront to self-governance.


Forty years of activism including working with Congressman Conyers to Save Public Housing, Health Care for All; as well as working for Ralph Nader on Right to Know legislation. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is far more than words to remember. My commitment is for justice for all, including public safety, jobs, housing, education, poverty and devastation of the poor, the homeless, and opportunities to increase life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is in these challenges and opportunities that our communities, our citizens will enjoy happiness.


Please explore the site for specific information on the candidate, statehood, positions, and relevant links. You will be able to comment on specific issues or projects listed. Thank you and I appreciate your vote.   A luta continua…